Alfalfa – 5301



“Open the bale and look at all those leaves” – Multi 5301 has done 25% better than Vernal in Minnesota State trials in milk production on a per acre basis

“Highest yielding winter hardy multileaf alfalfa in the Manitoba MCVET trials”

Proven superior relative feed value in both Wisconsin and Minnesota state trials . Multi 5301 is a tap rooted, early to medium maturing alfalfa with a multileaf expression of 95%. Multi-5301 has the highest relative feed value of any other alfalfa on the market as proven by University trials. The target market for this exciting new variety is the dairy and high – end beef hay market, for hay marketers or other growers that realize that good genetics can decrease their operating costs through less hauling, handling and production acres to do raise the same amount of beef or milk.

This variety is a strong stemmed, lodging resistant variety. This is a valuable trait because when alfalfa lodges, several inches of stubble often remain in the field after cutting. That can have a big impact on season -long tonnage. Multi 5301 has a very dark green color compared to other varieties and most importantly; this alfalfa is highly palatable which makes it a valuable hay component.

Multi 5301 has a fall dormancy rating of 4 with excellent winter hardiness characteristics. In the MCVET Manitoba Agriculture trials it is the highest yielding multileaf alfalfa and still has an ” excellent rating ” for winter hardiness. It outperformed 38 out of 50 alfalfa varieties in the winterhardiness trial.

It is resistant to verticillium wilt, aphanomyces, pea aphid and phytophthora root rot. It also shows high resistance to anthracnose, bacterial wilt and fusarium wilt. Its Wisconsin Disease Rating (WDR) is 27 out of 30. University trial data shows that the relative feed value of Multi-5301 averages 13 % higher than Vernal ( 25 % higher milk production ), but still produced 106 % of the check variety in the WFT Western Canadian trial data in a multi-year study.

Multi-5301 has achieved 113 % over Vernal in a four year trial in Minnesota ranking near the top in this well respected state trial.
Multileaf alfalfas like 5301 will give an additional 3 to 5 day harvest window over older varieties like Vernal to achieve the same quality, an important trait for those operators who need quality to make the sale.