TRIADE Alfalfa



Triade is a new high protein, fine stemmed alfalfa bred for regions that traditionally obtain 4 to 5 cuts of alfalfa hay or silage. The winter hardiness rating is 3, which is obtained by a high degree of branch roots in its root system but still retaining a 4/5 fall dormancy rating.

Plant height is 75 to 80 cm with large trifoliate leaf characteristics.

Seedlings demonstrate a moderate tolerance to saline conditions.

Disease package includes the following:

Anthracnose                      HR
Aphanomyces (Race 1)    HR
Aphanomyces (Race 2)    HR
Bacterial wilt.                    HR
Fusarium wilt                    HR
Phytophthora root rot     HR
Verticillium wilt                 HR

Insect resistance

Blue alfalfa aphid            HR
Spotted alfalfa aphid      HR
Pea aphid                          HR
Cowpea aphid.                 HR

Nematode resistance

Northern root rot nematode     HR
Southern root rot nematode     HR
Stem nematode                           HR